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3 Easy Ways to Style a Chunky Knit Sweater

Don’t fear your biggest knit sweater, they need some love too :D - and I’m going share 3 ways you can style them so you feel chic, comfortable and stylish when you leave the house!

Fall is the greatest season for this type of style because you can get all warm and cozy on the top then wear something a little lighter on the bottom!

How to style these 3 looks from head to toe:

  1. Find your oversized knit and a cute mini skirt and simply tuck in the sweater just in the front of the skirt. Throw on a pair of killer heels or booties and away you go!

  2. If you have some really high - waisted straight leg pants, they are are a go - to statement piece paired with a chunky knit! Add some peep toe heels and a dainty purse!

  3. I’m currently loving the long flowy skirt look right now, and it’s perfectly paired with a chunky knit! Pair this look with some booties to give it a more casual street style!

Emily Luciano