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Get creative with your earrings...


Sometimes you just want to change it up and what more fun than switching up your set of earrings!

My favourite accessory to every outfit is the perfect pair of earrings, you’ll notice that I wear very bold - statement earrings to add some flare to any outfit!

Lately, I’ve been all about mixing and matching my earrings and making new looks… and it’s fun to see people question why I have two different earrings on but really I did it on purpose! :)

You can either purchase mix & match earrings or get creative and mix and match the earrings you already own!

Pair a chunky hoop earring with a dangly earring… easy and stylish!

If you try this look - take a pic and tag me at #lovelyluciano and I would love to see what new styles you created :D

Shop some mix & match earrings below:

Emily Luciano