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Fall Flower Arrangements

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Hi lovely ladies!! Today I want to share a post about flower arrangements. I did this technique awhile back and loved how it turned out, so I thought it would be a fun idea to share with you all for the upcoming holiday season (am I too early?!).

It is such an easy table arrangement for when family and friends are coming over, but sure to impress. Plus I love how you can really show your personal style so easily through these arrangements. Like by picking your favorite fall candy, or fruit. Such a simple way to customize and stay true to yourself.

Below I will list the items you will need and exact instructions for you to follow along!

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Items You Need:

  1. Flowers

  2. 2 bags cranberries

  3. 1 bag pumpkin seeds

  4. 1 bag limes

  5. 4 oranges

  6. Scissors

  7. Baggies

  8. Vases & smaller vases


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Place smaller vases inside of the larger vases OR place a baggie filled with water into smaller vases (zipped closed)

  • This is creating the area of water where the flower stems will go and how they will stay in the vase.

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Start adding in your filler (i.e. cranberries, pumpkin seeds, oranges, limes)

  1. You can get really creative here and pick what you love the best and what color scheme will go with the flowers you picked! I chose to do more fall centric tones that complimented the flowers

  2. For seeds/berries: you can just pour these around your small glass container or your plastic baggie

    • These will last longer than the fruit

  3. For fruits/citrus: slice your fruit into ½ inch thick pieces and start arranging them putting one on top of the other. If the space between the small vase and the large vase is fairly large (like for oranges) I like to put the ends more toward the bottom to act as a filler

  4. Remember this part doesn’t need to be perfect!! It will look great in the end, don’t worry :)

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Now you can start to arrange your flowers.

  1. I like to pick complementary colors to go together like the green and the pink. This makes both of the colors pop!

  2. I also like to have variances in height between all of the different flowers. Some taller and some shorter, so that there is always something to look at!

  3. If there is a section of the smaller vase that is still showing, you can add more fruit to the top of the arrangement, or you can try to use the leaves to cover it!

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If you have any questions at all comment below or DM me :) Also if you decide to make them please tag me on Instagram!! I would love to see them in real life :)