Emily Luciano
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Portugal, you were a dream!


Oh Portugal, you did not disappoint.

This was my first time in Lisbon, Portugal, and it was an amazing experience all around!

We checked in at the most beautiful hotel called ‘Memmo Alfama’ and we could see all of Lisbon’s most beautiful colours from the terrace lounge!

We had an ocean view from our hotel room and it was a dream waking up to that view every morning.

The hotel was very authentic and stayed true to Lisbon - while creating a great mix of feeling just at home with its modern interior.

Breakfast in bed.

I could get used to that.

I went with my friend Michelle and we toured around the city in the beautiful sun during the day and had the most amazing pasta and wine for dinner! The food was a 10/10 and I was so impressed by the hospitality at our hotel and everywhere else we went too! I feel like this trip was relaxing as well as work friendly - capturing content so effortlessly because of how beautiful the landscapes were and the sun-kissed weather.


The endless streets of authentic buildings and the colourful buildings - there was so much beautiful content to be made here!

I can’t wait to get back to Portugal when it’s warmer and get to the beaches! I have heard endless positive things about them and I can finally say that I had such an amazing experience here on - that it makes me that much more excited to come back!

I definitely recommend you to stay at this hotel ‘Memmo Alfama



Emily Luciano